Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lori Krein

Name: Lori Krein 

What do you do?
I work with decorative art papers and found objects to make collage and mixed media art. I also teach collage and Expressive Art workshops to creative folks of all ages! AND I just published a book called Meditation in Manhattan: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World.

Where can we find your work?
In my studio, 2231 Campbell Ave. 95008, and on my website…
And for the month of Sept. at Studio Bongiorno, 500 Lincoln St. Santa Clara, 95050
Sometimes I set up a booth at the Campbell Farmers Market on Sundays.

What inspires you to create and how do you keep motivated when things get tough?
I am inspired by the materials themselves. If things get tough, I just go to my paper collection and pull out papers that grab my eye, and start tearing and gluing! It works every time.

What do you think is more important content/finished product or technique/process?  
Without question, to me, the process is what it's all about. The act of creating is's like giving birth to something new, every day. I always wonder where it comes from? And while I am creating, I am lost in the moment, and that's the ultimate goal, for me.

Who are some people who influence and/or inspire you?
I am inspired by other artists, poets, and creative souls who are not afraid to express themselves in the deepest and most profound ways, who take chances and share what is in their heart…not because they think people might buy what the create, but because it's an expression of who they are.

If you could be any fictional character who would you be?
I would be Rosalita, from the Springsteen song of the same name.

When do you get your best ideas?
In the middle of the night. I often grab my iphone and record ideas into the voice memo!

What materials/tools do you use most to create your work?
Hand-made paper and things I find at yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores.

Are you self taught or formally educated? How do you think that has influenced or affected your work?
Aside from a few workshops here and there, I am almost 100% self-taught. I think this has influenced me a great deal, because I don't know the "rules" about being an artist…so I make them up as I go along!

What would your creative work taste like?
Rocky Road Ice cream. Lots of stuff, all mixed together…and it still tastes YUMMY!

When you are not creating what do you like to do?
Attend Springsteen concerts, scuba dive, attend events with other spiritual souls, sing at karoke night, read poetry at Open Mic Night, act, dance, and take long walks on the beach.

How did you learn to access your creative talents and gain the confidence to put it out there for everyone to experience?
It wasn't something I learned, it was something I just DID. I put one foot in front of the other..I kept making art, attending art group meetings, entering small shows, and before I knew it, I was FAMOUS! (well, not quite, but I'm nbig on manifesting your dreams, sooo…)

What advice would you give others just beginning their creative adventures? 
Keep moving! Keep learning! Get out there and tell everyone what you do. Oh, and get business cards!!! Hand them out everywhere. HAVE  NO FEAR!