Sunday, August 26, 2012

The English Language

Name: The English Language

What do you do?
We are The English Language: a three-piece Rock & Roll Super-Band inspired by our love of the greatest 20th century pop culture and music.  Kyle Langlois plays guitar and sings, Tristan Perotti plays bass and sings and Mark Danley hits the drums.

Where can we find your work?

What inspires you to create and how do you keep motivated when things get tough?
Inspiration comes from anything - not excluding nothing.  Rock & Roll is as vital   and universal as speaking English.  We've motivated by the overwhelming influence and cultural impact Rock & Roll has and will continue to have on Western civilization and the world.

What do you think is more important content/finished product or technique/process?
 All are equally important. Technique and process are essential to performance, both live and in the studio.  The finished products (recordings) allow us to demonstrate our musical aesthetic as ideally as possible. Content, both musical and lyrical, is always important in our music.

Who are some people who influence and/or inspire you?
There are so many... We are heavily influenced by the 50s/60s/70s so our top three songwriting influences are: Ray Davies, John Lennon, and Brian Wilson though we draw influence from all types of music and culture. Anyone from Brahms, Joplin, and Vera Lynn to Elvis, Zappa, and Sublime.

If you could be any fictional character who would you be?

When do you get your best ideas?
The night time is the right time.

What materials/tools do you use most to create your work?
Anything that makes an interesting and, most importantly, appropriate sound. Everything from guitars, tambourines and microphones to jew harps, crotales, and even household objects.

Are you self taught or formally educated? How do you think that has influenced or affected your work?
The English Language is comprised of both self-taught and formally educated musicians. Having such varied musical backgrounds makes our band and our music more versatile and interesting. Our ears are open to all styles and sounds.

What would your creative work taste like?
Hamburger-milkshakes,beer and peyote.

When you are not creating what do you like to do?
Eat, sleep, drink and think.

How did you learn to access your creative talents and gain the confidence to put it out there for everyone to experience?
Talent is a fairy tale. Talent is when you work your ass off and someone notices.

What advice would you give others just beginning their creative adventures?    
Find out what you want to do and do it.  It's simple but challenging.

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