Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bonus Question

Part of our 1 year anniversary  month celebration we asked our past creatives to answer a bonus question. If you had absolutely no restrictions, not money, time, resources, etc. What would you want to create?
Read their answers below, there are some interesting ideas. How would you answer the same question? _________________________
I’d create Temples of Unconditional Love strategically positioned across the globe in tragically misunderstood and under loved areas like San Jose, Detroit, Baltimore, Beijing, DC, Congo, etc. I’d staff them with Vegan Monks who make Belgian craft beer and teach Knit Bombing as a way to overcome the relentless supply of hater-ade this world has in store. - Troy Joseph Curtis

I would create images in my mind and engage the public in conceptual art events by using found objects to alter the environment. - Donna Orme

Teleportation.  It would transform human life & disrupt global commerce/dependence on fossil fuels. Definitely teleportation. -  Ketra Oberlander

I think I would like to create a giant diorama, a minutely detailed world with live actors & plants, painted sets, miniature and full scale components.  An experience for all the senses that would transport a person to a land of fantasy that mirrors our own world in a distorted way.  I'd also like to build a tree house to live in. - Lacey Bryant

I would love to create a very large some what 3D wall image of Red Poppies, like on the side of a building or inside an airport. - Jane Ferguson

I would create something that wouldn't be judged, kicked, or questioned. Something that holds no boundaries or would allow no one to limit me and have an expectation. I'd like to say I do this already, but anytime you create something, you will always be questioned. This question goes further than any artistic piece. If I could, I'd create freedom. - Andre HART

If I had no restrictions on time/money/resources etc., I would want to create a performance piece which would showcase the local world dance and music community (including all the various forms of bellydance, East Indian dance, Polynesian dance, Flamenco, Azteca, Native American etc). I think it would be a great thing for these dance communities to share their talents, and to be acknowledged for it. - Lisa Mejia

I suppose you're supposed to answer this question more grandly ("I'd compose world peace" or something), but…. I've long had this idea of creating small boxes that create slowly varying drones; little handheld objects that produce music for as long as there is power to them-- there are apps that do similar things that I occasionally use to produce music, but the idea of rolling my own, programming it from scratch, and having them custom made really appeals to me. I work on code for it from time to time, and things like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino might be an option to convert my idea into reality, but really, it's a matter of only having so many hours in the day, so much ability (I am a terrible coder), and a variety of other obstacles make it a task which I'll likely not finish anytime soon. Someday. - Todd Elliot

I would want to create a large abstract mural along the side of a building. - David Mejia

If I had no restrictions, time or money, the first thing I would do is get a big quality canvas and a lot paint supply and spend a year or more on one abstract painting. - Jonathan Demers

Since the early nineties I've dreamed about building a giant (maybe 12" tall) seated black Madonna to look over the ocean on the dunes between Seaside and Marina CA. I imagine her made from metal and climbable, I can see children and whole-family photo ops in her lap. Here is a link to a photo of the black madonna that I would use a general template for her design. She is a descendant of Isis and one of the oldest deity forms known. - Zoya Scholis

Ohmygosh, with absolutely nothing2hold me back I would have already have on the comic book arket the following titles and stories  1) Aztec of the City---issues 2-6 N beyond)...2) Adelita, the soldadera supreme from the Mexican Revolution of 1920...2) the Super Chicano, and Super Latina..3) Cruz, the Christian Hero...4) Tales of Aztlan: The Jim Plunkett Story, Cesar Chavez story...N I guess of course, Aztec of the City, SuperChicano/Chicana and Adelita action figures.. - Fernando Rodriguez

I'd like to create a better life of domesticity.- Kim Christman

An all analogue Rock & Roll laboratory stocked with all manner of instruments and equipment.  Fully-staffed with engineers, producers, instrument technicians, scientists, doctors, dentists, druggists, chefs, maids, butlers, pilots, personal trainers, midgets, clowns, and a life coach.  Living space for artists, bands, and all other types of productive and creative people.     
With this facility we will produce any and all forms of audio and visual and audio/visual productions imaginable. - Tristan Perotti of The English Language

one answer: Love - Oscar Knutsson

"I would want to create change.  Given unlimited resources, I would want my artwork to legitimately affect positive change in someone's life.  Over the years I've learned that selling a painting is cool, but it's really not that notable an accomplishment in & of itself.  Might make a few hundred bucks, & there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but if I wanted to be in sales, there are a helluva lot of things easier to sell than art.  To me, if I can sit in my room & create what amounts to just a stupid picture, that might look pretty but has no real utility, & auction it off for charity or raise funds for someone truly in need, then that is a supreme accomplishment. That is something I can look in the mirror about & find peace.  To take pencil & paper & as a result a family gets to eat, a sick person can get well, or even something as small as putting a smile on a child's face - that is what art is to me.  Creating an impossible
magic." - Jon Landry

Having been a painter for over 50 years, I would love to change mediums and try making glass.  Glass objects have been my painting subject material for years and it would be full circle for me to make the objects that are my inspirations for the paintings.  Look out Dale Chihuly, here I come! - Karen Honaker

One project I've always wanted to do was create my own comic book. Just a story completely painted and written by me. A long sweeping story something along the lines of Bone, Mage or Cerebus. I've always been a huge fan of comics. I believe they are a very special way of storytelling - Kori Thompson

If I had unlimited time and unlimited money for art supplies, I would paint a mural. I would use colors that would match the other buildings in the neighborhood. That way, the mural would fit in harmoniously with its surroundings. - Laura Bennett

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