Sunday, September 23, 2012

What would your creative work taste like?

We thought it would be fun to compile the answers to some of your favorite questions. Today it is the question -What would your creative work taste like? Check out some of the interesting answers below.

Hamburger-milkshakes, beer and peyote - The English Language

Lemon poppyseed cake!  Sweet with just a hint of tartness - Megan Eckman

Coffee & Flap Cats (cornbread pancakes)-Troy Joseph Curtis

A strong dark IPA beer on a hot summer day -Max Dehart

Sushi washed down with the best beer you've ever had.-Kori Thompson

I guess it might be like a chocolate cake with a layer of beautiful glazed fruit on top.- Deborah Mills Thackrey

Hot buttered rum…tasteful,  smooth with a bit of a kick- Joan Tesauro

Bittersweet chocolate. Perhaps it took you somewhere else when you ate it, and you wanted to stay there. - Warren Lain

Fresh produce or something earthy like mushroom- Floy Zittin

That’s interesting. Thinking of how my playing has been described as “ dynamic”, “Artistic statement is powerful” and “Deft virtuosity” I would say that my playing would taste like some strong – yet extremely delicious cocktail! Ha Ha! - Ray Furuta

I have utterly no idea. This is the first “gotcha” question I’ve had in a long time!-Ketra Oberlander
SUSHI -Matt Gonzales

Funfetti Cake with vanilla frosting.-Vida Killz

It would be smooth to the tongue, but spicy when swallowed.- Karen Honaker

Delicious and satisfying, leaving you wanting for more, month after month. -Fernando B. Rodriguez

Beef Bourguignon.  Meaty, rich flavorful, hearty.  At least I hope so. - Jane Peterman

Smoked salmon- Coyote Slim

Sound - Andre Hart

A buffet. There are many different things you can eat and try and experience. There are so many styles in the music I like to create. My art would probably taste like sushi. I draw portraits, and you can expect a clean picture.-  Amanda Mikaelsson   

Pork chops & whiskey.  And no fancy-schmancy shit either - maybe a little apple sauce but that's it.-Jon Landry

Cheerios—I do a lot of work that has the shape of a circle. - Donna Orme

More like what it would smell like…Mr. sketch markers, sharpies, scratch and sniff stickers,- Mike Borja

Sweet , fruity with zesty under tones and some herbal fragrances. - Jane Ferguson

Maybe salty like sweat. Kinda gross, sorta sexy. It might also taste Fergi-licious, so delicious.- Eric Belladonna

It would have texture and taste a little salty with some sweet and sour - Deborah Anderson

I would like it to taste like rocky road cereal from the 80's followed up with an amazing hi-5. But in reality, it would most likely taste like snail urine. - Donny Foley – Donbon

The most fabulous chocolate brownies ever...and you could enjoy the whole pan and not get sick or fat.- Jen Norton

The buffet at Fresh Choice. - Tim van den Berg

Bittersweet chocolate or beets. Sometimes tart cherries. (But it would smell like fall leaves burning.) - Lacey Bryant

Kale, bread and butter, rice and beans, persimmons and coffee. - Frances Marin

Crisp, sweet and has to have a long after taste - Pete Anderson

Some of my paintings are little and sweet. Those ones would taste like mini cupcakes with pink icing. Some of my artworks are a bit darker, like the one shown at the bottom of this page (Peregrine Falcons Hunted Passenger Pigeons). The darker art would taste like black licorice.- Laura Callin Bennett

If you could eat my work, it would taste like ink and wood pulp.- David Mejia

Duh…Chocolate (vegan of course) - Katrina Marie Loera

Well, it's not a food, but I'll say cigarettes (if they weren't bad for you, anyway). Something you take in, which adds some hard to describe, but pleasant thing to your day, and then you let go of.- Todd Elliot

Really good homemade hummus and pita bread, followed by Greek honey yogurt.- Lisa Mejia

In my dreams, it would be as delicious as crawfish étouffée.- Paul Kimball

Blood orange juice and vodka. A bloody screwdriver? -Kim Christman

Like the perfect Cannoli or cheesecake accompanied with the most amazing espresso in the world. A rich complex taste that fills you and gets you excited.- Michael Foley

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