Sunday, February 17, 2013

Craig Schilling

Name: Craig Schilling

What do you do?
 I grab pallets from dumpsters and turn them into centerpieces for your living room

Where can we find your work?
Your neighbors living room or at

What inspires you to create and how do you keep motivated when things get tough?
I love the two part question- crappy mass produced ikea coffee tables inspire me/ thinking that I have an opportunity to make people smile each time they walk into their house keeps me MOTIVATED.

What do you think is more important content/finished product or technique/process?
Finished product holds my attention / process stirs my mind.

Who are some people who influence and/or inspire you?
Roy Johnson at for his leadership, dedication, & his strength to never give up when the chips are down.

If you could be any fictional character who would you be?
George  Costanza

When do you get your best ideas?
Driving home Friday night with a hatchback full of skids.

What materials/tools do you use most to create your work?
 Wooden pallets that you've thrown away.

Are you self taught or formally educated? How do you think that has influenced or affected your work?
100% self taught = no boundaries
What would your creative work taste like?

When you are not creating what do you like to do?
Walk down to the bridge with my 2 year old son.

How did you learn to access your creative talents and gain the confidence to put it out there for everyone to experience?
 I'm still not sure.

What advice would you give others just beginning their creative adventures?
 "The path to success is to take massive determined action" Tony Robbins


  1. Beautiful work! Looking good Craig!

    1. is this thee 'Jeff Wellman'? how is this such a small world? how did you find this?