Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amanda Mikaelsson

Name: Amanda Mikaelsson       

What do you do? 
I write/play music and do pencil drawings. I am a music composition major at SJSU.

Where can we find your work?
My music has been featured at local concerts and performances. Upcoming dates: March 28th 7:30pm at Le Petit Theater downtown SJ, and April 11th 7:30pm at SJSU concert hall

What inspires you to create and how do you keep motivated when things get tough?
Creating is my passion. When I create music or art I am excited and happy.  The tough times just fuel my creativity.

What do you think is more important content/finished product or technique/process?
I think the technique and process is important. As an artist, the process is the part that gives me joy. The experience of creating is exhilarating. The finished product is also important because it can convey a message to the audience.

Who are some people who influence and/or inspire you?
My younger brother passed away a few years ago. His memory always inspires me. Different people in my life inspire me everyday: family, friends, and people that come and go. Everyone has a story and I like to use that in my art.

If you could be any fictional character who would you be?
Spongebob because he is carefree, fun, creative, and happy.

When do you get your best ideas?
No specific place or time. If I see or hear something that strikes me I get inspired.

What materials/tools do you use most to create your work?
I use a Pencil for art. I use a piano and the computer to write my music.

Are you self taught or formally educated? How do you think that has influenced or affected your work?
I was self taught in music and applied to music school at SJSU. After making it in the program I began learning about music theory, music history, and new applications of music. It broadened my expectations for myself in music and music composition.
I am self taught in drawing. I have never taken an art class. I have participated in forums online to get new insight. Being self taught keeps my art very personal. One could argue that not being educated about pencil drawing can keep me from growing.

What would your creative work taste like?
A buffet. There are many different things you can eat and try and experience. There are so many styles in the music I like to create. My art would probably taste like sushi. I draw portraits, and you can expect a clean picture.

When you are not creating what do you like to do?
I like to see my friends and family. I like to cook, swim, play the piano, and watch movies.

How did you learn to access your creative talents and gain the confidence to put it out there for everyone to experience?
My family was always supportive of my art.

What advice would you give others just beginning their creative adventures?  
Believe in yourself and your creativity. 


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